General Facts You Need to Know about Air Compressors

Air compressor is a device built in consolidating or compressing air in a tank. Air compressors function like human lungs when we're holding our breath or when blowing up a balloon. The air is pulled and compressed in a tank that increases the pressure while decreasing its volume. As you use this tool, the compressed air is released through the hose in a steady and powerful steam like from our lungs and out of the lips bursting a stream of air.


When talking about air compressors, the air pressure inside keeps increasing until it has reached the preset pressure limit. The pressure limit of the device is going to vary from the type and size of the air compressor used. These compressors do feature a regulator as well that's specifically designed in complementing the tool and application required.


Compressors are used widely from power tools similar to staplers as well as nailers to powering pneumatic tools, blowing debris and dust or can be seen used as an inflation or flotation device. This comes in different variants of sizes and capacities; air compressors are quite versatile and surprising, last longer than what you think. Whether you believe it or not, a good and quality model can last for around a lifetime assuming that it is maintained properly and well taken care of.


As you use pneumatic tools that are powered by compressors, it can provide countless of benefits you wouldn't imagine. To give you an example, pneumatically powered tools have this tendency to be brawnier in comparison to those that are powered by electricity; they offer higher RPM and has greater torque for rapid firing which does work faster. Pneumatic tools are also environmentally friendly. Plate Compactor for sale!


There are basically two types of air compressor and it's either gas or electric. Each of the said type has different variations. There are compressors that are small and highly portable while others are just big enough and stationary. As for the amount of power that the compressor has, it actually depends on its size. Stationary and large Air Compressors are just perfect for industrial applications and used by several people at once.


Compressors are varying too from single and two stages. In a two-stage motor, it has the capacity of changing speeds on rigorous and constant actions. Essentially speaking, two stage motor are working twice as hard whenever it is needed to. Then again, there are compressors that require oil lubrication for it to work optimally while some don't. To get more tips on how to choose the best air compressor, visit